Hikari Technology, Co., Ltd is specialized in the construction laser instruments and surevying equipments. Our products are widely used in building construction, indoor decorating, vessel welding and giant equipment installment etc..

At present, we have wide range of products such as Multi-Lines Laser, Rotary laser level, Green Multi-lines laser level and Green Rotary laser level, Auto-Level, laser Distance Meter and other land surveying accessories such as Pole, Tripod, Tripod for Laser products and other measuring items.

Hikari Technology Co., Ltd designs and develops market products to meet the customer base. To meet the evolving needs of an ever-increasing market, we are constantly using the most sophisticated to develop the new products with all our efforts.

Because of our establishment of an Innovative Research & Development Division and Production management, we are able to provide our customers with the highest quality products at competitive prices.

Our target is to bring WIN WIN situation to our customers and HIKARI Technology.